ACC MDP Bidirectional | Differential Pressure Sensor

USD $420.00


Bidirectional | Differential Pressure Sensor

The MDP Series Pressure Transmitters incorporate a durable piezoresistive, silicon micro-machined sensing element to enable very low-pressure measurements. They offer adjustability with push button zero and span features and removable terminal blocks. The condensed sized of the MDP lends itself to panel mount or tight installations, which provides the ACI Pressure Sensor family the perfect complement. The uni-directional spans range from 0-1″ to 0-20″ of Water Column or 0-300 to 0-2500 Pascals and they are calibrated using NIST certified references. The standard outputs are 4-20mA, 0 to 5VDC or 0 to 10VDC.

  • Removable terminal block
  • Pushbutton zero function
  • Compact size