A comprehensive ventilation monitoring station, the all-in-one instrumentation solution built for underground mines.


Mine Air Quality Station




The MAQS is an affordable and complete underground mine ventilation monitoring station. Monitor your working environments, integrate and communicate with remote devices, automate your ventilation process.

This flexible, low-cost instrumentation is designed to function with your existing monitoring software applications and communication infrastructure. Automate your underground mine processes, optimize ventilation, and improve health and safety all while reducing energy consumption.




Today’s mines require comprehensive systems to monitor and control their ventilation processes with the flexibility to interface with any application and communication structure. Implementation of VOD (Ventilation On Demand) or any level of ventilation automation while relying on accurate and reliable field data is a crucial element of mining operations.

Our Mine Air Quality Stations (MAQS), equipped with industry leading Accutron ultrasonic airflow sensors, offer all the features necessary with multiple communication options to meet the demands of your mine. From surface fan monitoring to complete environmental monitoring underground,

MAQS are simple to deploy and are the most cost effective and reliable solution in the industry.

Monitor multiple variables with a single system.

The MAQS gives maximum flexibility, simultaneous monitoring in addition to a variety of control and communication options

Easy installation. Simple operation.

Accutron Instruments are shipped ready for use. Preconfigured with optional mounting plates and support brackets

Application and communication structure



Mine air quality and ventilation monitoring

World leading ultrasonic airflows monitors. Four real-time “time of flight” models for complete mine airflow monitoring: Drift, tunnel, raise, surface fan, industrial duct, booster fan

  • Monitor output and status of main ventilation fans
  • Monitor gas and airflow levels at critical points underground
  • Monitor temperature, heat stress and humidity levels and pressure events
  • Add on any RS485 remote device and communicate all data to surface

Real-time data allows you to optimize your ventilation system simulation 
models allowing you to increase profitability.

MAQS Configuration


MAQS Modules



Ultrasonic Airflow Sensor

Air velocity and volumetric flow in fans, ducts and tunnels


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Multivariable Environmental Sensor.

Temperature, humidity, pressure, air density, heat stress and more


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Port Forwarding Protocol Translator

Link between your instruments and your SCADA. Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP with 2GB data storage


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Digital & Analog I/O module

Connect, monitor, control field-remote devices. Four digital and Analog inputs (4-20mA). Two relay alarm outputs

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Our systems are supplied with multiple configuration options for a simple installation

Cable set
Stainless steel mounting plate
Stainless steel, polycarbonate or aluminum sensor brackets
Hand-held programmer