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Narrow Beam Laser Range Finder

Laser Range Finder is designed and built with the technology to provide enhanced functionality and accuracy in harsh and demanding environments.

These measurements can be used for traffic monitoring, collision avoidance control, and level monitoring.


  • Non-contact and non-intrusive
  • Offers a broad range of pulse and update rates
  • Adjustable range gating
  • Quick recovery in heavy dust environment
  • Rapid measurement
  • User configurable – RS232 & RS485.
  • Factory calibrated for your application
  • Auto-discovery protocol ensures no setup is required
  • Built-in visible laser aiming system
  • Range up to 1700m
  • Sealed and pressure tested

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Monitor & Measure


technology that makes the difference

Traditional surveying measures phase shifts by comparing the incoming wavelength with the phase of the outgoing light. Accutron Lasers calculate distance by measuring the time of flight of very short pulses of infrared light to increase accuracy.

Any solid object will reflect back a certain percentage of the emitted light energy. This small percentage of light is detected by our sensor. We measure the time it takes a laser pulse to travel to the target and back with a precision, crystal-controlled time base. An algorithm then calculates the distance based on the speed of light.

Examples of typical uses


  • flowtrax
  • flowtrax
  • flowtrax


  • Ranges

  • Maximum

    1000+ m

  • To reflector

    1700 m

  • Minimum

    10 cm

  • Measuring Units

    Meters, Feet

  • Accuracy

  • Non-Cooperative target

    ≤ 4 cm

  • Cooperative target

    ≤ 2 cm

  • Resolution

    1 mm

  • Repeatability

    ≤ 3 mm

  • Laser

  • Infrared (IR)

    905 nm wavelength

  • Internal Laser pointer

    650 nm wavelength

  • Eye safety (IR)

    Class I (FDA CFR 21)

  • Beam divergence

    3 mrad (0.26°)

  • Electrical Ratings

  • Power In

    12 – 24 VDC
    110 – 240 VAC

  • Power Consumption

    12V – 20mA – 4 watts

  • Impedance

    1500 Ω Max loop resistance 1500 VDC isolation

  • Communication Interface

  • Serial

    RS 232

  • Analog outputs

    Isolated 4-20 mA

  • Optional

    Modbus TCP with CommTRAX

  • Physical

  • Enclosure

    NEMA 4 Non-corrosive IP67

  • Operating Temperature

    -30°C to 60°C

  • Dimensions

    10”L X 4.75”W X 4”H

  • Weight

    5.6 lbs


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