Universal Gas detector

Environments: Mining , Tunnelling

Applications: Underground storage areas, Underground transportation, Conveyor systems, Water utilities, Pump stations, Machine monitoring, Ventilation systems, Storage Areas, Process Plants


  • High accuracy gas detector with calibrated input sensing modules to detect a range of Toxic and Flammable gases
  • Module can be changed out in seconds for easy calibration and maintenance
  • Choice of output signals:

– 0.4 to 2 V analogue
– 4 to 20 mA analogue
– 5 to 15 Hz analogue- Dual relay contacts
– RS485 addressable Modbus datacomms

  • Large backlit LCD readout provides clear sensor information and diagnostic data
  • Auto ZERO and SPAN calibration with simple display instructions
  • Two programmable setpoints for inbuilt visual alarms
  • High strength, dual wall moulded housing for maximum impact protection
  • Easy access terminal chamber with large, vibration secure, terminals for connecting heavy plant cables
  • Dust and waterproof to IP65 with full EMC conformity
  • Automatic calculation of STEL and TWA limits
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas

Sentro 1 eModules for environmental gas concentration

The heart of Sentro 1 is the eModule; an intelligent standardised gas sensing module to cover a range of toxic and flammable gases.  Dynamic data is stored within each module, together with the condition of the gas sensing element and its service history.

The modules are already calibrated so they can be used substituted at any time with replacement module. Each eModule retains its calibration data and is automatically recognised by Sentro when the eModule is inserted. This significantly simplifies calibration and maintenance and the module can be changed, even with the power applied. Up to 20 insert codes can be configured when it is necessary to ensure that the same type of Sentro eModule is always used.