Trolex Dust TX1111C

Real time Respirable Dust Monitor

The TX1111 is a highly accurate, low-cost real-time dust monitor that enables users to maintain safe working conditions at all times, ensures that mandated Permitted Exposure Levels (PELs) are not exceeded

The units are simple, durable and lightweight and contain no moving parts or consumables. There are no filters or pumps and post-shift laboratory analysis is not required

Real-time accurate respirable dust levels are displayed on the unit screen and alarm set points allow instant response to dangerous dust levels

Accurate to within +/- 5% the TX1111 provides a reliable, convenient and easy-to-manage dust monitoring solution to hazardous industries

  • Instantaneous respirable dust level display
  • 15 minute and 8 hour TWA displays
  • Accurate to within +/-5% compared to +/-25% of current industry standard models
  • Open flow device – no pumps or filters required
  • Expensive and time-consuming filter analysis not required
  • In-built visual alarm, data-logging and RS485 communications
  • Optional Wi-Fi communications
  • Patented technology is a world-first

The instrument can form part of an advanced dust control strategy providing information on the correct timing for the deployment of safety equipment or dust suppression systems, enabling users to maximise efficient working, maintain safe working conditions and to ensure that permitted exposure levels (PELs) are never exceeded.

Quarries and hard rock mines
Steel works
Foundries and blast furnaces
Cement and glass
Cutting or manufacturing of heat-resistant bricks
Grinding and polishing operations