Mine Ventilation Optimization

Mine ventilation accounts for up to 40% of total operating cost. An automated mine ventilation system ensures a safe and cost-efficient way of controlling the supply of fresh air. Mine ventilation also benefits workers by lowering exposure to noxious gases and reducing the risk of injury.

Benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Expedited clearance time of toxic gases
  • Accurate ventilation data & models
  • Better understanding and control of ventilation processes
  • Increase in overall health and safety
  • Increase in overall efficiency
  • Increase in mine productivity


We develop, apply, and supply the best technologies to our mining customers. We offer the complete solution with our unique suite of products, services and partnerships around the world.

Solid instrumentation and communication platforms to host any SCADA Energy Management System (EMS), Ventilation Simulation or Ventilation On Demand (VOD) software.

Learn to better control your operations with clear and accurate data.

Mine ventilation optimization starts with reliable and accurate measurements from Accutron technology.

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