More than just a protocol converter.


Port Forwarding Protocol Converter


CommTRAX is a compact protocol converter that acts as a server, collecting data from various MODBUS RTU devices and distributing it at a low Bandwidth within a single register package.

The Modbus TCP port can operate as both client and server (master and slave). In addition, CommTRAX can use threshold rule templates to continuously monitor modbus data and generate SNMP Traps upon sensing “alarm” conditions. As a Modbus to Modbus gateway, CommTRAX can map multiple RTU devices to a single Modbus TCP server map.

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Consolidate Modbus registers in one package and save bandwidth. Poll instrumentation data efficiently


The COMMTRAX is an All-in-One remote monitoring solution

Designed to provide employees and management with the information they need to make better decisions more quickly. Using only one device with built-in automation features, Network Maintenance Staff, Network Operating Centres, and Safety and Energy Committees can pull historical and real-time data from any type of critical infrastructure to remotely control and optimize operations.

COMMTRAX integrates with existing fault management process and management software.
  • Works with an intuitive Web-based interface to see site conditions anywhere, at any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Measures, calculates and provides real-time Key Performance Indicators such as AC Mains, UPS, Generator and HVAC utilization levels, Rectifier, UPS, Inverter efficiency levels and site Facility Power Usage Effectiveness as well as Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE)
  • LiveScript allows the use of mathematical equations and logic
  • Smart alarm messages are transmitted via email, SNMP traps, text messages, and more
  • Compatible with Management Software, Automation software, PLCs and applications supporting SNMP communication



Eliminates the need for PLCs, multiple RTUs, and monitoring and metering devices

Open Source

Can communicate with multiple Modbus devices via multiple Modbus interfaces

Powerful Reporting

Outstanding reporting capabilities, built-in charting tools, and powerful monitoring software


Provides a multitude of monitoring applications in one simple and reliable integrated solution



Lowers CapEx Investments by

  • Integrating all remote monitoring and control needs into a single product
  • Reducing the number of sensors and probes installed at a site to eliminate duplication, confusion and possibly conflicting data to provide streamlined, normalized data
  • Reducing the planning cycle time by having the AC Mains, UPS, Generator and HVAC utilization levels pre-calculated to provide trend analysis information


  • TCP/IP; HTML, TFTP, Accutron php
  • SNMP
  • Modbus (RS485): Modbus Master/Slave; RTU mode;
  • Modbus TCP/IP: Modbus Master/Slave; TCP/IP transmission protocol
  • Modbus RTU RS-485 or RS-232
  • Modbus TCP over Ethernet 10/100Base

Software Features

  • Powerful web-based interface to see site conditions anywhere, at any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • LiveScript, micro PHP, Accutron Discovery Technology
  • Real-time register polling
  • Remote and local firmware upgrades and diagnostics (SD upgradable)
  • Simple integration with existing fault management process and management software
  • Alarm notification through email, SNMP, text, and more


  • TRAXBus (din rail communication modules)
  • TRAX Connectors
  • Micro SD
  • CommTRAX web-based application


  • Electrical Ratings

  • Power In


  • Power Consumption

    3 mW

  • Impedance

    120 Ω

  • Communication Interface

  • Inputs

    RS232, RS485

  • Outputs

    RS232, RS485

  • Protocols

    Modbus RTU, Modbus, TCP SNMP

  • Physical

  • Enclosure

    9 cm X 6.2 cm X 5.3 cm

  • Mouting

    DIN rail mounted (35mmx 7.5mm)

  • Operating temperature

    -40°C to +80°C


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